Salon Expo Buyers

Find high-margin hair and nails care products for your Salon/Spa at ASD

Find everything. Buy anything. Here. Whether you own a salon or spa, expos and trade shows are ways to source the latest and hottest items that can help you earn more money from point of purchase items like sunglasses, fashion jewelry, cosmetics, lotions, perfume, hats, makeup and so much more. At ASD, salon and spa expos buyers alike can find new suppliers with “must-have” items that can add value to your merchandise mix. Loaded with quality choices at every price point, you are sure to find your entire salon and spa needs here. Be sure to make a trip to our jewelry section where you will find over 1,350 jewelry and fashion accessory vendors that offer high margins for your salon or spa.

Discover Why ASD is a Leading Trade Show for Salon and Spa Buyers

With more than 3,000 vendors showcasing their latest offerings, at ASD you’re certain to find new suppliers with unique items that can freshen your salon/spa merchandise mix, boost impulse and point-of-purchase sales and add profits to your bottom line. Here you can shop and compare the world’s widest variety of merchandise in one efficient expo. 70% of ASD buyers attend no other shows. That’s because in one efficient buying trip to this robust and growing marketplace, they know they can buy what they for their core markets—while discovering new categories and new suppliers at the same time.

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