In this video, Jim Cockrum talks about building communities, making connections and creating loyal followers. If you sell on Amazon, use social media to market and sell products and/or have another internet business, you want to watch our latest interview with Jim. 

"Show me your network and I'll tell you your future. If I know who you're hanging out with, I know where you're going in life." - Jim Cockrum

In this insightful talk, Jim shares the following points:

  1. You have to build a community, if you're alone, that's a dangerous place to be. 
  2. Social media is your best friend. Learn about how to use Facebook and Instagram to help you accomplish retail goals
  3. Always test new products, don't be afraid to see what may sell. 
  4. If you haven't tried online selling, then you're simply missing out. 
  5. Find opportunity in the long tail. 
  6. Build relationships with brands and companies who you want to sell online. 

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