Amazon and e-commerce expert Katharyne Shelton combed the recent March ASD Market Week to find (literally) the hottest profit-making Amazon-ready products. The recurring theme for Amazon sellers this summer? It’s all about “Fun!”

This March, Amazon sellers swarmed to the ASD Market Week merchandise trade show in droves to attend a wealth of selling seminars -- and, of course, to spot the hottest, profit-making items for their Amazon storefronts.

ASD vendors at the show were increasingly offering next level options like unique packaging, branding and private label which means Amazon sellers can offer exclusive branded products in their stores.

Trade show vendors were working harder than ever to establish relationships with Amazon store owners -- the mutual benefits are immense.

Three trends stood out: beach & pool fashion and accessories, stationery and paper goods, and animal print everything.

Lounging in Style

Many Amazon sellers I spoke to at the ASD trade show were on the lookout for high-margin beach and camping gear for the summer and these were high on everyone’s radar.

Jet Creations had inflatable everything, from dinosaurs to giant $100 bills for hustlers who literally want to splash the Benjamins poolside!

For more glamorous poolside posing, high-volume seller Shannon McGuinness picked out the Brazilian bra straps which also caught my eye earlier in the day.

Brazilian Bra Straps


Simple but dazzlingly effective, these beaded and blinged straps add Latin flair to any shoulder, converting a visible bra strap from an annoyance to a feature (even for this freckly pale British girl!).

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Your Workspace Can Be Fun, Too

Coloring books, planners, and stationery have become an incredible phenomenon over the last year, with many adults looking for ways to brighten their desks and bring individuality to their workspaces.

For those sellers looking for a truly unique stationery product in larger quantities, I see a wonderful opportunity with Yiwu Kaway Stationery, a China-based company who offer a colorful range of private-label stationery.

Their customized sticky note sets are a work of art and could be tailored with swirling colors, pared down to monochromes for a touch of vintage style, or be themed with Easter bunnies or pumpkins for some seasonal desk flair.

The sticky note stash in our very own Knock Knock cabinets. Do you have a favorite?

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See the Trend. Get it at ASD Market Week.

Another buyer looking for custom products at ASD was celebrity adult coloring book author Sasha O’Hara, a.k.a Kathryn Lowe, hunting an opportunity to add more products to her “Sasha” brand.  

“This was my first time attending ASD and I came specifically to attend your workshop and meetups, but I had time to peruse many of the vendors and products as well,” O’Hara said. “I was hoping to find someone who could print stationery for my business -- and I found them!”

I got lots of new ideas for possible products and gift items to sell. Plus, I made contacts with several vendors who are willing to work with me and my company to private label products. I’m so glad I attended!” - Sasha O’Hara, celebrity adult coloring book author

One of those vendors was ScentUSA, who offer private-label Air Fresheners. Keeping in mind that Sasha is the lady that pioneered a whole genre of “sweary” coloring books with her best-selling Calm the F*** Down, it makes sense that she would sell something to make the air a little less “blue” from all the naughty words!

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“The show was great! I found a new vendor who is going to help me in a big way with my shipping costs. There is so much variety and everyone is so helpful. In addition, a product I had been searching for with no luck, was found at ASD! I found new product, products for bundles, and even got some new ideas for custom items.” - Barbara Boschen, founder of CoMerchant

Pro-Tip: Amazon Custom is one of the newest, most exciting product and profit-making opportunities on the platform. Leverage the products and trends mentioned here to make personalized items available to your customers.

More Products Spotted (or is that More Spotted Products?): Appealing to Animal Lovers

We caught up with Tina Johnson, whose retail team is based out of San Diego, CA.

Her go-to trend for the summer is all things animal print and she gets the last word to explain how essential ASD is for Amazon Sellers.

Animal Prints Fashion

ASD has become very important for our company, 80% of the products we buy are from show vendors,” Johnson says.

This show we spent most of our time in accessories and couldn't help notice the wide variety of purses, totes and laptop bags with cute animal prints that I could easily sell to pet lovers. Cute puppies and kittens stole the show. And why shouldn’t they?

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By Katharyne Shelton

Katharyne Shelton is a leading expert in e-commerce marketing and creativity. Over 1000 sellers have taken her Create and Curate courses, learning to create successful product listings on Amazon. She also heads the popular private label and product creation group Blue Sky and the 16,000+ member reseller group, “Treasure Hunting with Katharyne.”