At ASD, we love all types of retail. It's why we're always bringing the best advice on how to successfully run your store or e-commerce business (or both!). We want to help retailers find the best advice on how to stay cash positive in today's retail landscape. In order to do this, we most recently launched over 100 videos on YouTube that discuss everything from marketing and merchandising, to selling online and moving into private label.

Because the ways people shop changing so quickly now, that retailers have to more and more clever about how they bring people through their doors or to their website, we decided to interview Cris Williams on what's important in 19. Cris is the founder of Parson's Gifts and also the founder of a successful retail coaching business. In our latest series with her, she talks about what you as a retailer should be focusing your marketing efforts on. 

How To Bring Customers Into Your Store In 2019

In this segment, Cris discusses what it takes to bring customers into your store in 2019. A retailer's #1 tool to do this is social media. Learn what channels matter most. 

The Most Important Social Media Channels For Brick and Mortar Retailers

Social media is important, learn what channels matter most in 2019. From Facebook to Yelp reviews, here's how to make these customer acquisition and management tools work better for your store. 

Three Simple Ways To Increase Your Store Sales

Want to increase the dollar amount of a single sale? Want to increase your average sales per order across all your customer purchases? Well then you want to watch this!

Train Your Employees To Sell More

By training your employees on products, you increase the chances of the customers they work with to purchase. Here are some great pieces of advice in training employees to sell more, but also incentivizing them to stick around!

Next week, we'll bring you more videos and advice from Cris to help improve your store sales. If you haven't attended ASD Market Week and you'd like to learn from experts like Cris, you can register today for FREE!