Merchandising is critical in retail. Beautiful displays that grab peoples’ attention is what draws them into a store, makes them want to experience that store’s environment and ultimately decide to purchase something. Customers buy more than goods when it comes to their purchases, they are buying things that they feel allow them to show who they are in today's world. For brick and mortar stores, that means products need to be strategically and thoughtfully placed to attract attention, drive in traffic and maximize sales.

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Now, more than ever, retailers need to strategic floor layouts, every part of a store is should have a story, and of course, merchandise that lets visitors and regular customers purchase a part of that story. Our guide will help you accomplish this. We know how much ASD attendees love to learn so we partnered with ZenGenius, a retail merchandising firm, to create our very first retailer merchandising guide, which gives you visual merchandising tips and techniques that can be applied to your store. In this video, Joe Baer, the founder of ZenGenius, shares three ways you can master merchandising. 

Create Amazing Store Displays in Three Steps

Get ready to attract, engage and WOW customers this year! Watch Joe's video on merchandising, find other ones like it on YouTube, download the guide and register for our next show!