In our latest video segment for #ASDLIVE, our retail host Nicole Leinbach Reyhle sat down with Jason Harra, founder of Seller Active, at ASD Market Week this August 2018. Jason shares his expertise in excelling with e-Commerce and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls of selling online.

Jason walks you through how to get started selling online, even though it can seem like an overwhelming task. He explains that the startup work is well worth the investment once your online business is booming and your online sales are quickly growing. Since online marketplaces aren’t showing any sign of slowing down, it is the perfect time to learn some great tips and tricks so you can cash in with online selling! 

Jason also discusses the importance of optimization, curating quality content, and how that these two marketing efforts can build your business in multiple areas. Jason adds why sellers just starting out should focus on the top three marketplaces instead of utilizing all the niche marketplaces; Amazon, eBay, and Walmart are 80% of the online marketplaces sales, it’s wise to start where the most money is being made instead of the small niche websites that you can expand to later as your business grows. 

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