In our latest video segment for #ASDLIVE, our retail host Nicole Leinbach Reyhle sat down with Dave Salisbury of Star Micronics, at ASD Market Week this August 2018. Dave shares his expertise on the three golden rules to retail efficiency whether online or in-store. When it comes to business, efficiency is key; understanding what technology you need to make your business more efficient is critical to your success. Whether that be data on how many salespeople need to be on the floor or how to improve your loss prevention, retailers should automate basic business retail operations wherever they can.  

Dave discusses understanding and achieving a seamless experience for your customers in store as well as online. Customizing experiences and workflows for your staff can help your retail store be more efficient as well as more effective. Technology in the retail store should be looked at not to replace people and staff but to repurpose them. Dave dives into everything from loss prevention to scheduling systems for employees and managers, discussing key ways to better understand your business while boosting sales and engagement.

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