6 Key Gift + Novelties (and a touch of home) Products to Carry for The Holidays - and where to find them!

Stuffing stockings is one thing. Stocking your store shelves is another. So we decided to help you with some last-minute preparations for this very upcoming holiday season. Here are six elegant must-have items (and where to get them) that your naughty and nice customers will be clamoring to buy from you.

Branch-Inspired Décor

Gift & home decor natural colorsCelebrity designer David Bromstad recently shared with ASD Market Week in their first ever Lifestyle Report that “modern forms with natural and organic feeling in them” (sounds fancy!) is a trend you'll see around for a while. Consumers are loving the nature-inspired (yet irreverent) homey items that so many gift and novelties vendors are offering. Among their favorite finds? Anything branch-inspired. From jewelry trees and necklaces, to coasters and wall décor, if it’s branch or "harvest"-inspired, it’s a must for your store. Your customers are bringing the outdoors in - and so should you!
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 Do-It-Yourself Kits

DIY Kits

The Handmade Revolution is Here; gardening kits, art supply packs, create-your-own perfume kits, mini-terrariums, and barware kits are great examples of the exploding do-it-yourself "maker culture" that is here to stay. Your customer wants something unique, interactive, and homespun, and this is how you can give it to them. Trust us, the best gifts you can offer your customers this holiday season are do-it-yourself kits that offer them a chance to make everything from their own wine, their own brew, or beautiful henna cards.
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Animal-Printed Artwork

Art comes in all shapes and sizes today - and thankfully, accessible price points as well (take that Jeff Koons!). If you want to stock your shelves with the latest, high-margin art items in your store then you'll need anything insect, frog or owl-inspired. This means canvas art, framed posters, tapestries and even postcards to add in time for this holiday season (a.k.a. outdoor lifestyle but without the bug bites).
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Decorative & Lettered Pillows

decorative pillows
As seasons change, so does the desire to change interior spaces. Fill your store with the latest soft goods this season - and that, shop-owner friends, means decorative pillows. Go for decorative pillows in leather, linen or vintage-inspired prints that still have a retro, yet modern vibe. Pillows like this can deliver high margins too! Do this: lettered pillows can add design flavor and irreverence to any room. Also, anything with a twist of nature’s influence is something to consider.
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Food-inspired Kitsch

Certain popular spices and sauces were obviously meant for way more than just adding much-needed flavor to your Nana's 100-year old holiday recipes. Tapatio and Sriracha-branded bottle shaped pillows, food-shaped clutches and cases, and interesting snacks in hilarious packaging are going to be big hits this coming season.
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bound journal gift noveltyBound Journals, Travel Journals, Notebooks

As kids run out of school supplies (and come home for the holidays demanding new goodies), semesters begin abroad, and homespun memoir-writing trend upwards, cute journals of all shapes and sizes will be required for the holidays. Do this: bundle school and holiday-related items together to raise your margins to new heights!
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There you have it! The above Gift + Novelties (and yes, cool-kitsch toys too) trends are just six of the many you’ll find at the next ASD Market Week Feb. 28-Mar. 2 in Las Vegas. Get your free ticket to attend here!  In the meantime, make sure your store is holiday-ready by stocking your shelves so that your customers can fill their stockings.

By Nicole Leinbach Reyhle

Nicole Leinbach Reyhle is co-founder of the Independent Retailer Conference (which takes place inside ASD Market Week), a columnist for Forbes, and publisher of online magazine Retail Minded.