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Meet the ‘Bliss Molecule’, Anandadime, a Cannabinoid Your Body Produces 

The entire endocannabinoid system was discovered as a result of scientists researching the effects of cannabis on the human body and we continue to learn more and more about each cannabinoid. One of these is Anandamide, dubbed “the bliss molecule”. This molecule and its role in our bodies’ pursuit of homeostasis is enlightening. 

Oregon Has a Seven-Year Pot Supply, But Canada Can’t Have Any

As the cannabis industry continues to boom, there are some interesting growing pains (pun intended) that are popping up; one of these is over-production of product. What happens when a state’s growth literally grossly overproduces their crops and what are their options? Price drops, diminishing quality as the product sits and frustration for the farmers is just the start; exporting the crops seems unlikely at best.

Marketing Cannabis and Mainstreaming CBD w/PROHBTD

PROHBTD has a mission, a mission to bring cannabis from the black market to the supermarket and thinks it’s a vital step in offering people choices in their wellness alternatives. Join ASD Market Week as we explore the challenges to marketing cannabis, the best CBD products and ways retailers can be part of the mainstreaming movement. Remember to bring an open mind! 

Hemp for Fake Hipsters: Urban Outfitters Now Sells CBD

Mainstreaming continues to gain momentum with Urban Outfitters announcing it will begin carrying CBD products in select U.S. stores. Tinctures, oils, and topical products will adorn the shelves of the often controversial retailer, proving that cannabis products are gaining familiarity and normalization in the general public.

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