During Culture+ (one of the show with ASD Market Week), Craig Binkley, President, PRØworks and founder of PROHBTD,  talked about the future of retail for cannabis and it will become mainstream. In his talk, he discussed where consumers seek the health and wellness benefits of cannabis through value-added varieties of consumer products they already use. His session brought to life the parallels between many consumer products today that are geared to specific consumer needs, and the future cannabis-powered products that will offer new, efficacious alternatives to today's offerings. We sat down with him to discuss what retailers need to know about CBD. 

Why Cannabis Should Be Legal

Why does PROHBTD want to mainstream cannabis? They believe in the medicinal power of marijuana to help people find wellness alternatives. 

Three Biggest Challenges In Marketing Cannabis

What are three challenges to marketing cannabis? Craig outlines knowledge, regulation and legalities. 

What Are The Best CBD Products?

What is your favorite cannabis product and why? Craig discusses his favorite cannabis and full spectrum CBD products. Want to shop the biggest collection of CBD products?

How CBD Will Mainstream Cannabis

In taking cannabis from the black market to the supermarket, will CBD be your entry point and if so, what advice do you have for retailers? Craig discusses full spectrum CBD products. 

Be Open Minded About Cannabis and CBD

What is the biggest challenge to changing public perception about cannabis? Craig discusses why it's so hard to get people to open their minds about CBD, Cannabinoids and other hemp derived products.