Vaporizer brands have gone wild with their creative content, bringing a former “subculture” to the forefront of retail.

Vaping is no longer a passing trend -- it’s a cultural movement. As vaporizer branding and design continues to evolve, so does the photography and social media that surrounds it.

Since their introduction to the market in 2004, the popularity of e-cigarettes has risen exponentially -- especially among millennials. There are few better places to target this audience than on Instagram, and many vaporizer brands and communities are forging ahead with spectacularly high-quality, magazine-worthy images of vape content to engage their customers and entice a raging army of new followers.

Whether it’s beautiful nature shots or sexy street team ladies, Instagram is the go-to outlet for sales-boosting vaporizer imagery. Here’s our selection of the industry’s most noteworthy vape and e-juice Instagram accounts.

Illusions Vapor

Catering to alternative, city-savvy customers, Illusions Vapor draws inspiration from fashion editorials. Sticking to a simple black-and-white theme, their Instagram account exhibits a mixture of product shots, action photos, and tattooed models. They achieve the perfect mix of high-end-meets-street.

Mad Hatter Juice

Pink, girly, and yummy, Mad Hatter Juice has done a fabulous job of promoting their recent “I Love Donuts” e-liquid through Instagram. Focusing on high-quality, visceral photos of sweets, MHJ’s content easily stands out amongst the usual male-centric vape content on Instagram.


Taking its cue from more traditional fashion and accessory retailers, Los Angeles-based VaporDNA surprised us with a charming holiday photo spread on Instagram this season -- and thirty thousand followers are simply loving it. Who says you can’t give the gift of vape this holiday season?

Vape Tricks

More than twenty thousand followers gather daily to gawk at photos and videos of vape users showing off their skills on Vape Tricks -- and they’re not even promoting a specific brand or product. Focusing on what has become the culture and lifestyle of vaping, Vape Tricks is a reminder to retailers and brands everywhere of how large the #Cloudchaser and vape tricks community really is. It’s Content Marketing 101.

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White Rhino Honeys

There’s just no faking it: the best way to showcase brand loyalty is through user-generated content. ASD veteran White Rhino’s second Instagram effort doesn’t necessarily boast the professional photos their regular account does, but it encourages female customers to submit photos for a chance to be featured on the page. (This is an approach many energy drinks have also found successful.) It’s a great way to prompt purchases, and a strong female audience is especially impressive in a seemingly male-dominated industry.

Taffy Man

Unique 8-bit style graphics and bright colors show off Taffy Man’s saltwater taffy-inspired vape e-liquids. While the account is relatively new, Taffy Man’s following is growing rapidly. With their funky mix of product shots, illustrations, and action shots, user engagement is higher than ever.

528 Custom

Vape manufacturer 528 Custom’s gorgeous outdoorsy shots caught our eye immediately. Fusing luxurious product photos with likable customer shots, 528’s diverse feed appeals to a wide range of customers and adds credibility to their lesser-known boutique brand.

Just Peachy

As brands and fan groups gain popularity, individuals are also shining on vaping-related Instagram accounts. Just Peachy has sponsorship deals with a variety of brands, and she promotes her favorite products using stunning shots and enticing videos. Well-styled product and e-juice shots are boosting the clout of vape brands as well as Just Peachy’s own personal image as an influencer in the space. If there’s ever been someone deserving of a free product, it’s her.

Content + Community = Commerce

The technology is state-of-the-art -- and so is the content. It doesn’t seem to matter whether the theme is wacky or sophisticated: vape brands have found new and exciting ways of seducing hundreds of thousands of followers. Best of all, they let compelling imagery and thoughtful storytelling do the talking. The results speak for themselves.

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