ASD Market Week, Retail Minded and Hubba have partnered together to discuss business trends that are happening across the U.S. as part of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s #SmallBusinessWeek

Retailers attend ASD bi-annually to discover inventory for their stores, and we’re thrilled to include many of these stores as part of our celebration of Small Business Week. Together with Hubba, ASD will hit the road and have retail expert and globally recognized thought leader Nicole Leinbach Reyhle of Retail Minded join us in showcasing what’s happening in small business today as part of the Small Business Administration’s #SmallBusinessWeek.

“We’re excited to bring retail front and center during Small Business Week and highlight some of the amazing, hard-working small business owners who attend ASD Market Week,” shares Camille Candella, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for ASD Market Week.

Joining Nicole on the road will be Amy Corral, our own Buyer Acquisition Sales Manager, as well as a representative from Hubba. Collectively, they will deliver real-time updates direct from retail stores and communities across the country – offering small business info, news, and ideas that are talked about at ASD’s educational sessions. This time, they’ll be bringing them to life in real store settings!

Each day, the team will be posting live Instagram stories, photos, and Facebook videos from each location they stop at. Follow along with the hashtags #SmallBusinessWeek and #ASDLive on Instagram and Facebook as we travel through:

  1. Monday 4/30 - Sonoma / Napa, CA

  2. Tuesday 5/01 – San Francisco, CA

  3. Wednesday 5/02 - Austin, TX

  4. Thursday 5/03 - Denver, CO

  5. Friday 5/04 - Parker, CO

Additionally, Nicole will conduct live social interviews with various small business owners and share retail-inspired insights for viewers to apply to their own retail stores. The trio will be discussing merchandising, marketing, inventory management, customer service, competing with online marketplaces and much, much more.

Register for ASD this summer to get access to over 100 free sessions, participate in #ASDLive and shop thousands of products across nine categories of retail. For other events, expert talks and details, you can find complete details on #SmallBusinessWeek on SBA's website.