The retail holiday season has already begun and it’s going to be a busy one for merchants small and large alike. In fact, forecasts predict sales will increase between 4.3 and 4.8 percent this year – which means that the always-hectic holiday season will be even more intense in the days, weeks and months ahead. During this time, vendors should be looking for ways to help their retail clients during this busy time of year. With both simple and grand gestures to consider, vendors can support retailers throughout the holiday rush by offering increased support that extends their customer appreciation while also helping these same retailers increase store sales. To best help, consider the following tips.

Share Product Demos to be Replicated In-Store

The holidays are an important time for retailers to attract returning shoppers while capturing new ones thanks to the new inventory assortment. Make no mistake…retailers have a tremendous amount of product options when it comes to making their purchase decisions and thus, it takes great showmanship to make holiday sales happen. Vendors can help boost their retailer’s sales during this time of year by arming their merchants with “how-to” examples of merchandising their inventory or better yet – providing displays or signage to help support their products in stores. Another tip? Send video tutorials to your retail clients that identify product features, special selling tips and other helpful insight to help merchants sell your inventory more successfully this holiday season.

Be Available to Respond to Product Concerns

Once the holiday rush begins, retailers have little to zero time to add anything else to their to-do lists. This includes trying to track vendors down for re-orders or last-minute purchases. Vendors can help to make their client’s lives easier during this time by supplying them with a fact sheet or a website where they can find the answers to commonly asked questions, as well as be accessible to them via email with quick replies. Vendors that go into the holiday season with a staff prepared to answer retailer phone calls, process orders, respond in a timely fashion to emails, and support their retailers however they may need it will separate the successful vendors. Another tip? Remember that before, during and after the holiday season is always an ideal time to deliver stellar client care.

Offer Cross-Merchandising Suggestions

Cross-merchandising and product bundling are great ways for retailers to increase cart value during the holiday season…especially since customers are often pressed for time, so they appreciate the already-made gift suggestions. Vendors know their inventory better than anyone else, so they are uniquely positioned to make retailers’ jobs easier by passing along key information about their inventory, such as what product bundles are best-sellers, which add-on purchases work best with particular products and even what the competition is doing in-store to accelerate product sales. Consider leveraging these strategies to help boost your retailer success during the most festive time of year.

Send In-Store and Online Holiday Display Ideas

How a product is displayed can make or break a retailer’s sales, so why not extend tips to your customers that will offer tips on how your products can stand-out in their stores? Holiday displays can be a challenge for many retailers, so consider sending over suggested planograms, fixture suggestions, and additional in-store merchandising ideas that retailers can apply to in-store. When it comes to ecommerce, vendors can send over high-quality images of their products in action – often referred to as lifestyle images – to help generate stronger ecommerce sales.

The holiday season is all about giving, so give your retailers more than they expect with helpful support during this busy time of year. By doing (some) of the work for retailers and making product information readily available, vendors can gain the gratitude – and repeat business – of retailers.

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