Q:  Is my booth space still reserved?

Yes. Your ASD March booth space will roll to the August 2020 event. If you do not already have an August 2020 contract in place, our team will be reaching out with the August contract information requiring acknowledgement of the new event dates. April 10, 2020 is the deadline to submit your August 2020 commitment to lock in your booth space for August 2020.

Q:  What are my options if I am not able to exhibit on the new August dates? 

We very much hope you will join us in August, but we understand that conflicts may arise with the new dates. We would be happy to roll over your funds to the March 2021 event if you prefer.

Q:  Can I change my booth location?

Requests for booth re-assignment will be addressed in the order in which they were originally assigned.  Please reach out to your Account Manager for additional information, or you may contact Greg Schultz at (323) 817-2233 or greg.schultz@asdonline.com  

Q:  Can I change my booth size?

Possibly. Please contact your Account Manager or reach out to Greg Schultz at (323) 817-2233 or greg.schultz@asdonline.com with your requests.

Q:  I already shipped my booth freight to ASD Market Week for the March show. What now?

Exhibitors should contact their carrier immediately to have their shipments routed back to them.
For all Advanced freight that has been received by the Freeman warehouse, we will be posting further information on re-routing on the ASD website.  Should you have additional questions, please feel free to email us at freemanlasvegas@freeman.com or call us at 702-579-1700

Q:  Will my sponsorships roll over to the August 2020 ASD Market Week?

Yes. All March 2020 ASD sponsorship contracts will be valid for August 2020. Our team will be reaching out with the August 2020 sponsorship contract requiring acknowledgement of the August 2020 dates. April 10, 2020 is the deadline to lock in your sponsorship for August 2020  

Q:  Are there still sponsorship opportunities available?

Yes! We have sponsorship opportunities available for August. We are currently updating dates/deadlines. If interested in exploring opportunities or customizing a new sponsorship package, please contact your Account Manager or Greg Schultz at (323) 817-2233 or greg.schultz@asdonline.com

Q:  Will the Exhibitor Services Manual be updated with new deadlines?

Yes. We are working on this now and will communicate this with you as soon as it is updated. Exhibitor Service Manuals typically are made available 3 months prior to show staging, so the new target date would be end of May.

Q:  Will the onsite rebooking process for August 2020 change?

No change. One bonus to you is that you have more time to encourage your top sellers to attend ASD Market Week 2020 in August! Let us help you recruit, contact your Account Manager about the ‘Bring Your Own Buyer’ incentives.

Q:  Should I cancel my flight, rental car or other transportation services?

Many airlines are offering waived change fees at this time. We recommend changing your flights and any other transportation services to align with the August 2-5, 2020 show dates as soon as possible.

Q:  How do I rebook my hotel?

All hotel rooms booked through ASD Market Week’s official hotel partner, OnPeak, will be cancelled automatically.  To reinstate a reservation, please call the hotel directly.

If you booked a hotel reservation outside of our block, you will need to cancel/transfer your reservation on your own.

Q:  What are the future ASD show dates?

August 2-5, 2020
February 28 – March 3, 2021
August 22 – 25, 2021

Q:  I booked a scanner through Experient, how do I get a refund?

From Experient:   There is nothing more important to Experient than taking good care of our valued exhibitors, especially during times of uncertainty.  For those companies who planned to exhibit at an event that has been cancelled, we have amended our standard refund policy.  To receive a full refund for your lead retrieval purchase on a cancelled event, please send a refund request to our dedicated email box: answers.leadservices@experient-inc.com.  Please include a copy of your receipt/confirmation or invoice number.  Allow 7 to 10 business days for processing by Experient.  We will honor all refund requests for 90 days after the event’s original move-in date.  Please keep in mind that credit card refund posting times vary by merchant and bank.

Q:  I booked internet through COX, how do I get a refund?

All COX Orders are being canceled and refunded

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