March 11 - 14, 2018
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Marketing 101: A Retailer’s Guide To Marketing Success


From e-commerce to real world trendspotting, we have an invaluable bank of marketing knowledge to help you in 2016 and beyond. Read these eleven articles to expand your understanding of how to market your business.

Social Media for Retail Stores: Tips to Increase Sales – Learn about how your retail business should be using social media. Expand your social media marketing knowledge with these tips.How Independent Retailers Should Think About Omni-Commerce – Find out what omni-channel commerce is and how indie retailers should harness it. Read our beginner’s guide for retailers on how to seamlessly connect your in-store and e-commerce experiences.Improve Your Customer Experience (and Sales) with In-Store WiFi – Learn about how connecting your customers to Wi-Fi is a win/win situation for all. Make your customers happy and ensure your company’s success with this information.3 Amazing Facebook Marketing Features Retailers Should Use – Find out about the Facebook marketing tools you can use to improve your Facebook marketing strategy. Expert advice on how to use Facebook for your business.Retailers’ Guide to Instagram: Celebrities, Hashtags, Sales and Engagement – Learn about Instagram and how you can leverage it in marketing your products and brand. Find out how to use this photo based social media channel to market online.

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